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Dr. Rachel Marston, Au.D

Dr. Rachel Marston, Au.D

Doctorate of Audiology

Dr. Rachel Marston was called from a young age to help people with their ability to communicate, centered on hearing, from her Speech Pathologist mother’s strong influence.

She continues to live her mother’s influence by supporting her patients in improving their life quality by enabling enhanced communication.

She earned her doctorate in audiology from the University of Tennessee after achieving her B.A. In Speech Language Hearing Science from the University of Minnesota. While pursuing her B.A. She worked as a Certified Nurse’s Aid and trained towards a proficiency in American Sign Language.

Dr. Marston has direct experience in hospital and private practice environments, working with adults and pediatric patients. She has extensive product and manufacturer knowledge and has extensive training and skills in diagnostic testing and custom-fitting hearing solutions.

Her experience brings a unique perspective to our practice as her positive focus and her ability to connect with and relate to patients means your care is her first priority.

Dr. Marston lives in Chanhassen with her husband Zach, their son Broderick and their basset hound Moose. She enjoys traveling to her childhood home and spending time with her family. She is a talented painter, and may wow you with her ambidextrous abilities and writing upside down.

Kerry Reif

Kerry Reif

Patient Care Coordinator and Office Manager

Kerry Reif is Sound Hearing’s Patient Care Coordinator and Office Manager. She has a strong background in customer service and hospitality, making her a great fit at Sound Hearing. Her eclectic career has given her opportunities to work with non-profit organizations, women-owned businesses, and civic leaders. She has been a wedding coordinator and a website designer as well as writing publicity articles for projects produced by Jim Henson’s Muppets.

Kerry enjoys her four adult children (hence the grey hair), five grandchildren, and her two dogs, Jackson and Cooper.

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