All Hearing Aids Are Same…Right?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who is giving you “facts” based on what they know, and you know the “facts” are simply a misunderstanding?

Occasionally I hear these “facts” about hearing aids and wonder how to respond with a gentle, compassionate correction to beliefs that have gone awry. One of those “facts” I hear regularly is, “All hearing aids are the same, they’re just amplifiers.” Let’s try to unbundle this statement and add a little clarity to it.

There is some truth to the statement in that the basic components of hearing aids are the same and have not changed throughout the years.
  • Sound waves enter through the microphone, which converts acoustic signals into electrical signals.
  • The amplifier increases the strength of the electrical signal.
  • From the amplifier, the signal is then transformed back to an acoustic signal by the receiver (a miniature loud speaker).
  • From the receiver the signal is channeled into the ear canal, either through a small tube or through an ear mold.
  • A battery is required to power the hearing aid and enable the amplification process.

From this point, we start to see some variations in products beginning with some minor differences.Read More