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What's "Unique" with New Widex Hearing Aids!? – Mon, Dec 7th 2015

The new product is called “Unique.” Very fitting! When this goes on line, I will have fit over 20 new Uniques. So far I am extremely pleased. Here is an example of a fitting from last week.

Is isolation intentional or a choice? – Wed, Nov 18th 2015

Today I had an opportunity to experience isolation in the middle of a noisy restaurant. Even though I was surrounded by my wife and friends, I was alone. From the sound of that sentence, something isn’t making sense

Warning! You're losing your mind by not using you're hearing aids. – Tue, Nov 10th 2015

The urgency to wear hearing aids has dramatically increased as a result of a recent study concluding, “Use of hearing aids can reduce cognitive decline associated with hearing loss.”